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Ants on a Log

Since it's been a while since I posted any snack recipes, I thought it was time to post a new one! One of my favourite snack foods as a child was the famous "Ants on a Log"...a celery log smothered in peanut butter and topped with raisin ants.

All you need for this VERY simple recipe is:
  • Celery
  • Peanut, almond, or sunflower seed butter
  • Raisins or Craisins®
Start off by loading the centre of the celery pieces with the butter of your choice. If you want to pack these as a school snack, sunflower butter is a great choice since it is peanut-free. Next, add the "ants" to the celery log by sprinkling raisins or Craisins® (or both!) on top.
Now it's crunch time!

Tip: Serve Ants on a Log with slices of apple, the pair make a great combo :)

Nutrition Facts on the Snack:

The protein found in peanut, almond and sunflower seed butters will keep your child satisfied until their next meal. You can also count on this snack to be low in calories and packed with nutrients. Celery is full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, which help to keep your kids healthy.