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Looking for healthy snack ideas for your little ones? Well, you've come to the right place!

Food Skills for Little Chefs

Sharing these fun child-friendly cookbooks and resources I came across at Chapter's today!

Teaching kids how to prepare meals at an early age will help them to develop important food skills that will last a lifetime

The first step is to get your kids excited about food and where it comes from! Plant a fruit and vegetable garden together or visit a local farm, orchard or pumpkin patch. Use the fresh produce you pick to create delicious, healthy and colourful meals as a family.

Involve kids in meal and snack prep by teaching them age-appropriate techniques. For example, you can teach younger kids how to stir, whisk, knead or mash, and older kids how to safely peel, slice or chop. 

Your kids will feel proud when they get to taste a meal that they helped contribute to from start to finish!