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Blending Baby Food with "The Baby Bullet"

I have come across The Baby Bullet (a cute and mini version of The Magic Bullet) in many stores over the past couple of months and it always grabs my attention. The Baby Bullet is a small blender that can be used to make your very own baby foods in minutes. Although I have yet to try out The Baby Bullet for myself, it seems like there are a lot of reasons why this little machine would be a must-have for parents of babies and toddlers:

  • It is relatively cheap to buy ($59.99 Canadian at Home Outfitters) and you can save thousands of dollars on buying commercial baby food when you make your own at home.
  • It comes with all of the tools you need to make AND store your baby food (ie. freezer-friendly batch trays, storage trays and re-sealable containers).
  • Making your own baby foods using a blender like The Baby Bullet means that you have control over what goes into the food you feed your little ones - no unnecessary preservatives!
  • It is super easy to use and you can make and store many batches of different foods in no time at all. On the package, it claims that one sweet potato can make up to 8 jars of baby food! 
Tip: Even though The Baby Bullet is a great way to make quick and healthy baby foods, you do not need to purchase one if you have a blender at home. You still can puree baby foods and store them in ice cube trays or feeezer-safe glass jars. 

Have any of you tried using The Baby Bullet? I would love to hear about your experiences with it.