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Looking for healthy snack ideas for your little ones? Well, you've come to the right place!


Get ready to stack with this healthy snack!

This protein-packed snack is made with some very common household ingredients. There is plenty of room for creativity, but here are some suggestions for what to include:
·      sliced cheese
·      deli meats (like oven roasted turkey or low-sodium ham)
·      sliced cucumber
·      sliced tomato
·      crackers (like Ritz® or Wheat Thins®)

Once you have picked out your stackable ingredients, show your kids how to layer each food on top of a cracker. After they have arranged the layers the way they want, they can top it off with another cracker. Now it’s crunch time!

Nutritious Facts on the Snack:

Snackwiches provide your kids with many important nutrients. You can feel good knowing that these healthy snacks include foods from all four food groups of Canada’s Food Guide. You can find more info on Canada’s Food Guide by visiting

This snack is great after school or between meals because it has protein in it. Where is this protein? It’s found in the cheese and meat. You can be sure that protein will keep your kids full until their next meal.

Calcium is another important nutrient found in the cheese in this snack. Your kids need calcium to build strong and healthy bones! Other great sources of calcium are milk, yogurt and milk substitutes like soy milk.

Fun Tip! You can turn the food layers into fun shapes by using small cookie cutters!
Recipe adapted from Kraft snacks at:


Anonymous said...

Love the blog Jenna! Your articles and advice are so easy to follow =)

Jenna said...

Thanks! I am glad you enjoy reading it :)

Eugenie Siu said...

these are seriously cute! and nutritious! I would totally make them for myself too!

shirley said...

I would make these for myself too! These snackwiches would be a hit for young children and it's also something they could have fun making themselves. Love the cheese star!

-shirley tam

Jenna said...

Thanks Eugenie and Shirley! I am glad these snack ideas are appealing to all ages :)